Falk newsletter april 2021


We have been thinking a while whether we should sell any clothes or not. After recognizing that there will be some delay with our sticks, we want to keep building our Falk brand and we think this is the best way to do it. Our clothes are mainly produced with organic cotton and recycled materials. We have been wearing the same clothes for months and we can proudly say that the clothes are made of high quality and they look awesome!

This is not our core business and we just have a limited amount of clothes at this stage, so you must act fast if you want to be a Falk! 

Please note: in the beginning we only deliver in Finland. 

Let´s together wear Falk with pride!


Hockey sticks news

Then a little bit about what we have been doing since our last update. We invested in a flex tester that will help us to get important data on our sticks. We have been testing our sticks in practice and compared the results with theoretical calculations to see if they match.

To optimize our production, we also need an RTM machine (Resin transfer moulding) and within a month we´ll have it. Some more investments in machines and equipment will be made before we´re getting ready to launch the stick, but every day we´re getting closer. Besides the scientific testing we continue to receive great feedback from our test players. So we are absolutely moving in the right direction!

A new Falk member! 

We are happy to announce “Dea” as a new member of the Falk team. Dea has helped us for a while. He is a childhood friend with a Master degree of Science in Chemical Engineering, and of course he is a former ice hockey player as well. He will help Filip with the product development.

Kind regards,

The Falk team

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