Falk newsletter July

Last week we finally got our new mold!

Now we´re back at it and can continuing the testing. It is very promising and our first try was just what we were expecting, and it gave us a very light stick.
Soon you have the opportunity the feel the Falk stick, but we are still working on a few things to get it perfect. Like we have mentioned earlier our mission is to make a very light and durable stick. We must be patent, and we want to make sure it´s perfect before we release it on the market.

Our first model will be Falk Merllin with the curve J22. Inside our Falk factory there is a sign on the wall with the name Merllin on it. We thought it would be a good name for our first stick. In the future be will let you know who Merllin was. Our first official test player is a Finnish ice hockey player called Jens. He has some good merits from Finnish second division and elite junior league. But most of all he has a killer shot, which will help us get the right feedback. Jens have been testing our sticks since the beginning of our journey. We will thank him by putting the first letter of his name and his jersey number on our first Falk stick.

Next season is just around the corner and so is the Falk stick. You will get more news in August. 

Andreas and Filip

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