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Falk Hockey

Falk J22

Falk J22

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Blade Design: The blade of the Falk J22 stick is engineered to offer excellent puck control, ensuring accuracy in passing and shooting.

Flex and Kick Point: The stick's flex and kick point are optimized to deliver maximum energy transfer, enabling powerful shots and quick releases. 

Grip: The shaft is designed for comfort and control, featuring a specialized grip that enhances handling and maneuverability during gameplay.

Durability: Due to our manufacturing process in combination with our material layup, Falk J22 has shown to provide superior rotational stiffness along with keeping it’s original stiffness for a longer time.⠀

Key features of the Falk J22 stick include:

  • Weight: 415 grams
  • Length: 164 cm
  • Kick point: Low kick point
  • Grip: Medium sticky

Key features of the Falk J22 blade:

  • Blade curve: J22, 
  • Type: Toe
  • Face: Open
  • Length: Medium
  • Toe: Round
  • Lie: 5,5

Customize your stick

Custom Flex Profile: Choose the ideal flex and kick point that complements your playing style.

Flex Options: Available in flex ratings from 55 to 100.

Kick Points: Standard models have a low kick point, but you have the option of choosing a mid kick point

Extra-Long Options: Customizable lengths for taller players needing extra-long sticks and our extra-long sticks have a length of 170 cm (standard models 164 cm)

Custom sticks delivery within 2-4 weeks from order. Please note that we only manufacture left handed sticks.




Finland 6,90-12,90 €

Europe 7,90-17,90 €

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