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ModelFalk J22
Material Carbon Fiber
Stick length 164 cm senior- and intermediate, both long

415 grams (long), 390 grams (standard)
J22 is similar to p28 and w28

65, 70, 75, 80, 85
Low kick-point (flexes 65-75) and mid kick-point (80-85 flexes)

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"The Falk stick felt surprisingly good! The blade was strong and hard enough to handle shots off the toe side of the blade and to receive passes that i had to really reach for",
Oskar Osala

"After a month of use the shaft has not lost any stiffness. The flex profile of the stick is great and I really like the feel of the grip, and the stick looks awesome", Elias Åbrant

"The Falk felt good. The light weight of the stick gave me a great feeling when stickhandling. The one-timers also went well. The grip was good and it didn´t spin in my hands when shooting or passing", Kasper Seppälä

"Feeding back a one touch pass worked well and the blade did not twist at all. I especially like the grip on the stick and the dimensions of the shaft, it was just right for me. The rotational stiffness of the stick is awesome. The Falk stick definitely exceeded my expectations.", Viljami Haarala

"Compared to other sticks, I get better one-timers with the Falk stick. Also the general feeling is good." Jens Östman