Falk intermediate sticks are designed for players who are around 14 and 17 years old.

Falk senior sticks are designed to fit players aged 16-17 years and older.

Flex is the number represents the number of pounds of force / pressure to bend the stick one inch. The lower the number, the easier the stick could bend. The higher the number the stiffer the stick.

Choosing flex is very personal and depends a lot on how you play. If you are a forward who wants to shoot quick wrist shots, you should preferably choose a slightly lower flex number. If you are a defender who prefers to shoot slap shots, it usually fits better with more flex numbers. Your weight and strength also affect. If you are a smaller player, you should probably have a lower flex number and if you are a heavier and stronger player, you should probably have a higher flex number.

Kick point is the place on the shaft where it bends.

Mid kick means the kick point is towards the middle of the shaft. A mid kick stick is the most common beyond NHL players.

Low kick means the kick point is towards the bottom of the shaft. The lower kick points give you better handling of the stick and quick release.

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