Falk newsletter - Happy New Year!

Last day of this year!  

About one year ago we started the Falk story and a lot has happened through out the year. In the beginning of this year we hade some delay with our tailor-made mold due to the Covid-19 virus, but since we got our mold, we have made great progress and now we are about to get started for real!

We have had our sticks on tests for about a month now and the overall feedback was very positive. We recognized some small issues with the blade, but that is now fixed. At this very first stage of production, we are building left sticks with a similar blade to the p28 blades. The flex will be 65 mid kick point and 75 low kick point. We have listened to you guys and these are the most common flexes and curve. The sticks are very light due to our new technology and depending on our recepies the total weight is between 350-390 grams. 

A common misunderstanding with ice hockey sticks is that a light stick won´t be durable. Theoretically the stick will get more durable when the relation between carbon fiber and resin is optimal, and the result will also be a lighter stick. Our Falk sticks will be both durable and light. 

At this stage we are focusing on building more sticks, and will be selling a few sticks in the first quarter next year. We are still considering in what way we are going to distribute our sticks, but we will keep you updated. 

If you are a right-handed player or plays with other flexes and curves, don´t worry. We are going to order a more tailor-made molds for right sticks and other curves. In a later stage we will also add more flex options. 

Thank you for this year and you´ll hear more interesting news from us in the beginning of next year! 

Happy New Year 

Filip & Andreas

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